VAYUDUT e-Rickshaws is India’s leading brand of e-Rickshaw (Battery Driven Technology) in the Country. We believe in our ideas to change the world of our long decades man pulled rickshaws in our country and free from Manual Labour.

We are manufacturer and exporters of Electric Rickshaw (tricycles) we offer wide range of Electric Auto Rickshaw. We driving a new relationship between man and machines with our stronger body designs, exhilarating performances, we used High quality tyre so that it can bear load, (We have Govt. And ICAT approval to run our E rickshaw ER1 on road without any hesitation.

Our new electric technology helps e-vehicles performance better, give you driving power at less battery consumption, comfortable ride with almost zero noise.

And today we have wide variety of e-Rickshaws / Electric Vehicles (Battery Driven) under the brand name “ECK” e-Rickshaw.

Time to start new beginning… together for a better and healthier world.

We offers:

-Multiple Products for Multiple Industries
-One Step Solution for E Vehicles that connect user to the smart world and more…



01: Government

Regulations Job creation Supporting government for Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan

02: Companies

Eco-friendly logistic system Fuel efficiency Productivity & flexibility and helps in increasing the Productivity as compare to Manual Labour

03: People

Change in lifestyle clean air Cheaper cost of transportation, Business opportunity, Empowerment

04: Technology

Intelligent transport system Technology driven upgrade & latest technology.